Captain Rex

Update - Star Wars Legion: Imperial Shoretroopers Unit UK Launch Date (SWL41)

22 August 2019  |  Captain Rex

The Imperial Shoretroopers Unit Expansion for Star Wars Legion has been delayed from it's original July launch, due to "Global Delays" on this and the Dewback Riders. 

But it has just been announced that the new UK release date for the Shore Troopers Expansion is 30th August 2019

The Dewback Riders, however, which were due to release at the same time have been delayed again.  A limited quantity of Pre-Release ShoreTroopers and Dewbacks were available at GenCon at the beginning of August, but reports from the show indicated that the wrong size base had been included with the Dewbacks.  So putting those rumours together with the extra delay, suggests that the Dewbacks may have had to be repackaged with the correct bases hence the additional delay.

We still have no word as to when the Dewbacks are due for release.

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