Captain Rex

Star Wars: Unlimited Shadows of the Galaxy

12 April 2024  |  Captain Rex

The excitement continues to build as Star Wars™: Unlimited introduces its second installment, Shadows of the Galaxy. This new expansion ventures beyond the familiar struggles between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance, spotlighting the adventures in the Outer Rim with a special emphasis on bounty hunters. With this set, the game introduces a fresh "bounty" mechanic among two other innovative gameplay features we're eager to explore.

In Shadows of the Galaxy, players will receive a two-player starter similar to the previous Spark of Rebellion set. The kit includes two pre-assembled decks featuring Moff Gideon and The Mandalorian as the leading characters, each bringing unique strategies and gameplay styles.

Moff Gideon leads with a deck that specializes in Vigilance and Command, focusing on bolstering lower-cost units. His capabilities enhance units costing three or less, granting them additional power and the Overwhelm ability while he is active. For instance, the Phase-III Dark Trooper gains benefits from Gideon's boosts and can further augment its power. The deck also includes strategic cards like Calculated Lethality, which can disrupt your opponent's enhancements and bolster your own troops. Gideon’s Light Cruiser plays a crucial role by resurrecting fallen units, maintaining your battlefield presence.

On the flip side, The Mandalorian's deck revolves around Cunning and Vigilance strategies. His special ability triggers upon playing upgrades, allowing you to exhaust opposing units. This synergizes with cards like Wanted, which not only imposes a Bounty on upgraded units but also facilitates their capture—a temporary removal tactic that disables the unit until the capturing unit is defeated. Captured units return to play exhausted, bypassing "When Played" effects. Strategic plays might involve using The Mandalorian’s Rifle to capitalize on this mechanic, enabling actions like deploying the Razor Crest or playing Grogu for further tactical advantages.

With over 250 new cards and three unique mechanics introduced in this set—bounties, capture, and a third to be revealed—Shadows of the Galaxy promises to enrich the Star Wars: Unlimited experience and keep fans engaged with more strategies to explore. More updates, previews, and card spoilers are on the horizon as we approach the release of this thrilling new set. Stay tuned!

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