Captain Rex

Star Wars Legion: Rook Kast controversy - Excluded from the Super Commandos!

8 April 2022  |  Captain Rex

Update 8th April 2022: We have now discovered that the official Asmodee (the games distributor) US website and the official Asmodee UK websites have different information for the upcoming Mandalorian Super Commandos box set.


The UK website shows Rook Kast on the back cover and states that "7 figures" are included in the box set, while the US one shows the back of the box without Rook Kast and states only "6 figures" are included.

Recent comments from Atomic Mass suggest that the US box image is correct and that Rook Kast won't be in the Commandos unit box. 

We're not sure what Rook did to get herself airbrushed from her own unit, but Rook will however be included in the (more expensive) Mercenary box set.

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