Captain Rex

News: Star Wars Legion Clone Wars Restock Date Rumours

11 November 2019  |  Captain Rex

When Clone Wars was finally released we shipped a lot of pre-orders and our remaining stock lasted about a week after launch before running out - followed by pretty much every one else.

Now no-one seems to have any and we're all waiting for the new stock to come in to the UK.

As usual with Fantasy Flight products no-one has any idea when the next batch will arrive - ie. it's on a ship somewhere so it arrives when it arrives... and then it needs to get unloaded from the ship, then go through customs before it can finally be shipped to the UK distributor.  And we never get a firm date until the distributor gets the stock because there is so much room for delay at every stage.

But at the moment, the "guidance" is "end of November".  But of course experience has shown that these kind of guidance dates can end up being wildly inaccurate, but at the moment that's the only date we got...

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