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News: Star Wars Legion Clone Wars Release Date

12 August 2019  |  Captain Rex

The official UK release date for Star Wars Legion Clone Wars is 19th September 2019. The date has been confirmed by the sole UK distributor, that all UK retailers purchase from, and so far the date appears to be holding with no news of any delays.

A limited number of the Clone Wars sets were available for special purchase at GenCon 2019 (the largest tabletop-game convention in North America by both attendance and number of events) at the beginning of August. The fact that the sets were available at GenCon in August bodes well for an on time release.

So a few lucky people already have these, but the rest of us have to wait until September.

As always, we will ship these the day before the release date, so that they will arrive with customers on release day.

16SEP2019 Update: Release date of 19th September has been delayed, no new release date announced as of yet (Distribution)
18SEP2019 Update: New Release date of 4th October (Distribution and FFG on social media)
19SEP2019 Update: Release date of 4th was premature, will be another couple of weeks on top of that (FFG on social media)
01OCT2019 Update: Release date of 18th October announced (FFG Live AMA)
09OCT2019 Update: Release date of 18th October Confirmed (UK Distributor)
15OCT2019 Update: Item now in stock
18OCT2019 Update: Released!

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