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New Product Announcement - Marvel Crisis Protocol: MODOK Expansion (MSG05)

5 August 2019  |  Gold Leader

The MODOC Character Expansion for Marvel Crisis Protocol was announced at GenCon 2019 (1st August), and is due in Q4 2019.

A.I.M. scientist George Tarleton had the dubious distinction of being chosen as the subject for a procedure which would transform him into a unique, bio-engineered living computer. Unable to use his limbs, Tarleton was confined to a hoverchair, which gives him both mobility and a deadly assortment of conventional weaponry. Since then, M.O.D.O.K. has used his vast intellect and exceptional psychic powers to terrorise the world as the leader of A.I.M. and one of the world’s most dangerous and unpredictable foes.

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