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DarkStar Star Wars Character Database: Admiral Ackbar

13 May 2023  |  Captain Rex

Admiral Ackbar - The Mon Calamari Leader and Tactician

Admiral Gial Ackbar, a prominent figure in the Star Wars universe, is a Mon Calamari military commander who becomes a key leader in the Rebel Alliance and later the Resistance. Known for his strategic brilliance and iconic phrase "It's a trap!" in the Battle of Endor, Admiral Ackbar is a beloved character among fans.

Character Description

Admiral Ackbar is a member of the aquatic Mon Calamari species from the planet Mon Cala. With his large, fish-like eyes, webbed hands, and salmon-colored skin, Ackbar's distinct appearance is instantly recognizable. His calm and resolute demeanor is complemented by his deep understanding of military strategy and his unwavering commitment to the cause of the Rebellion and the Resistance.

Throughout his service in the Galactic Civil War, Admiral Ackbar is involved in planning and executing numerous missions and battles against the Empire. His tactical acumen and leadership prove essential in the success of the Rebellion, particularly in the climactic Battle of Endor, where the second Death Star is destroyed and the Empire is dealt a devastating blow.

In the sequel trilogy, Ackbar continues to serve the galaxy as a leader in the Resistance, fighting against the First Order. His dedication to the cause and his tactical expertise make him an indispensable figure in the continuing struggle against tyranny.

Appearances in Star Wars Media

  • Film: Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
  • Film: Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens
  • Film: Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi
  • TV Series: Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  • TV Series: Star Wars Rebels
  • Various novels, comics, and games in the Star Wars canon
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