Star Wars Legion: BARC Speeder (Clone Wars)

Star Wars Legion: BARC Speeder (Clone Wars)
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Model:  FFGSWL48
Faction:  Galactic Republic

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly. Paints, glue and terrain not included.

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Versatile and swift, BARC speeders are designed to assist clone troopers as they scout the field, protect key targets, and launch rapid surprise attacks. These durable speeder bikes are armed with heavy blasters and fitted with powerful engines, making them useful in nearly any theatre of ground war across the galaxy.

Within the BARC Speeder Unit Expansion, you’ll find one unpainted, finely sculpted BARC speeder miniature identical to the miniature included in the Star Wars: Legion Clone Wars Core Set. If you choose, this miniature can include a sidecar featuring a built-in M-45 Ion Blaster or a Mark II Medium Blaster. Similarly, a Phase I Clone Trooper can fire an RPS-6 rocket launcher from the sidecar. This expansion also includes a unit card and an assortment of six upgrade cards inviting you to outfit your speeder to fit your personal battle plan.

(Miniatures supplied unpainted, scenery not included)


Although they may be defined by their great speed, BARC speeders provide the Grand Army of the Republic with much more than a target that's hard to hit. An optional sidecar leaves room for you to equip your BARC speeder with a range of weaponry, instantly turning it into a heavy weapons platform. When combined with the speeder’s built-in Twin Light Blaster Canons, driver and passenger can unleash an attack powerful enough to damage the heaviest Separatist droids.

Send in Reinforcements

As the Republic’s valiant clones and the Separatist’s dauntless droids battle for supremacy across the galaxy, the vehicles that enter the fight to support these troops could make all the difference. Make your plans, bolster your armies, and claim victory in the Clone Wars!

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