Starships and Speeders: The Essential Collection of Vehicles

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Starships and Speeders: The Essential Collection of Vehicles




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Jump to Hyperspace with Starships and Speeders, the essential collection of vehicles for Star Wars Roleplaying!

As the Galactic Civil War rages on, the Empire and Rebel Alliance fight their battles both on the surface of planets across the galaxy and in the black depths of space. Using vehicles that range from technologically advanced superweapons to repurposed civilian craft, both sides bring the fight to every conceivable environment. And as always, the traders, smugglers, and pirates who fight for for their own interests rely on vehicles and ships that can slip by undetected or speed away at the first sign of trouble.

Cruise the Galaxy

Each entry in Starships and Speeders includes not only the profile for the vehicle, but also tips for using the vehicle in games. These include advice on what kinds of beings use the vehicle and for what purpose, as well as specific tips for handling the vehicle in an encounter.

The first section of Starships and Speeders focuses on planetary-bound vehicles that skim along the surfaces of various worlds. Chapter One, Speeders, covers repulsorlift vehicles such as airspeeders, landspeeders, and speeder bikes, like those made famous in Return of the Jedi. These vessels defy gravity, but they cannot leave a planet’s atmosphere. Then, Chapter Two examines ground vehicles. More specialized than repulsorlift vehicles, this category includes vehicles that move along the surface of a planet, as well as some select submersibles. Whether you are racing through the forests of Endor or running down to Tosche Station on Tatooine, this section will provide you with all the vehicles you need to navigate the planet and further immerse yourself in the Star Wars galaxy.

In the next section of the sourcebook, Starships and Speeders takes to the stars with Chapter Three, Starfighters and Shuttles. These pages are filled with the starfighters, shuttles, gunboats, and other spacecraft that soldiers and scoundrels alike use to navigate local star systems. While a key aspect of these specialized craft is their ability to operate with a single pilot and minimal crew, the sourcebook continues to explore the possibilities of interplanetary travel with Chapter Four that focuses on freighters, yachts, and other starships designed for peaceful purposes. Of course, whether or not these vehicles are used as they are designed is a different matter. Although many of these ships are equipped with weapons in case they need to defend themselves, their primary purpose is not military. Rather, much of their appeal stems from their ability to be modified, whether it be for a resource-depleted Rebel troop making do with the ships available, or a criminal looking for a smuggling ship that will not attract attention.

Lastly, the closing section of this sourcebook look at the largest ships in the galaxy beginning with Chapter Five, Cruisers and Frigates. These present you with midrange ships that require a significant crew to operate whether they be civilian or military ships that range from bulk haulers to escort frigates. Then Chapter Six, Battleships and Stations, includes the largest of all spacecraft. For the most part, ships of this scale belong to either the Empire or Rebel Alliance, for few other organizations have the resources or need for such massively expensive and destructive vessels. Filled with potent weapons and operated by hundreds or even thousands of crew members, these vessels show the true potential and might of all starships and can make for massive interstellar battles in your campaigns. In this chapter, the sourcebook even offers players and game masters a closer look at both the Onager-class Star Destroyer and the Nadiri Starhawk-class Battleship that have never appeared in Star Wars Roleplaying before! No matter where your story takes place in the Star Wars universe, Starships and Speeders has the vehicle you need to face any challenge.

Legendary Ships

While Starships and Speeders is the ultimate guide for the full galaxy’s range of vehicles all in one place, this sourcebook is far more than a compendium of vehicles as they have already appeared across the Star Wars Roleplaying game lines. Throughout its pages, Starships and Speeders includes named versions of beloved ship models built to the exact specifications of the pilot who made it famous. Within the book you will find Hera Syndulla’s Ghost (complete with Phantom II), Boba Fett’s Slave I; and of course, no collection would be complete without the iconic Millennium Falcon.

Known best as the ship that completed the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, the Falcon began its career as a humble intermodal tug, transferring cargo pods in orbital freight yards. With each new owner, the ship was modified more and more until it landed in the hands of smuggler Lando Calrissian. In addition to the Millennium Falcon’s already finely-tuned systems, Calrissian outfitted the ship with the polished finish of a luxury sports vessel and even added a hyperspace-equipped YT Dart auxiliary craft to act as an escape pod. The smuggler’s attention to detail kept the ship immaculately ordered and reliable; that is, until the rigors of the Kessel Run left the Falcon as little more than a scorched wreck.

This is the condition Han Solo found the Millennium Falcon in when he won it in a game of sabacc. Rather than focusing on cosmetic repairs, Solo sought to disguise the smuggling vessel as a battered junker, cramming military-spec hardware into the Falcon’s weapons, shielding, and sensor systems and covering key systems with warship-grade hull plating. While effective, these upgrades go beyond what the YT-1300 was designed to handle, making the ship fickle and in constant need of repairs. Both Han Solo and Lando Calrissian’s versions of the ship are featured in Starships and Speeders, and whichever you choose to integrate into your adventures, you will surely find that the Falcon shines as the jewel of this collection.

Take to the Stars

Whether racing around a single planet or speeding through distant star systems, Starships and Speeds has everything you need to bring your adventures to life. Peek under the hulls of the most iconic ships in the galaxy, jump to Hyperspace, and let the adventures begin!


This 144-page sourcebook collects ships from all three Star Wars Roleplaying game lines and introduces a number of vehicles never before profiled. In addition to the crafts themselves, players and GMs will find advice and adventure seeds to help integrate each vehicle into their games. With more than 130 vehicles ranging from civilian speeders to mighty battleships, you’ll find the perfect vessel for any challenge that may arise!

This is not a standalone product. A copy of a Star Wars Roleplaying Core Rulebook is required to play. Starships and Speeders is fully compatible with Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny.

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Starships and Speeders
19 March 2020  | 

Great book, brings together all the rules from across lots of sourcebooks into one place.

Great price here from Dark Star Games!

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