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Star Wars X-Wing: HMP Droid Gunship

Star Wars X-Wing: HMP Droid Gunship
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Model:  FFGSWZ71
X-Wing:  2nd Edition - Wave 7
Faction:  Separatist Alliance

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A menacing silhouette slides overhead, repulsorlifts humming ominously and eyes glowing with malevolence. 

The Separatist Alliance’s droid starfighters are known for their ruthlessness in battle, but perhaps none are more ruthless than the HMP Droid Gunship. Armed with ordnance and protected by ray shields, these droid gunships mercilessly devastate Republic infantry formations and starfighters with equal proficiency.

The HMP gunship’s presence invokes fear thanks to predatory droid intelligence and an unpredictable capacity to strafe targets with its sweeping array of laser cannons and devastating weapons like Multi-Missile Pods. Although they were a late-war development for the Confederacy of Independent Systems, their specialised repulsors open up new possibilities for your squadrons.

The HMP Droid Gunship Expansion Pack unlocks new possibilities with a beautifully detailed HMP Droid Gunship miniature and six ship cards, each bringing their own programming and protocols to battle. Your droid gunship can be further modified to your exact specifications with eight upgrade cards, or you can follow the recommendations of three quick build cards to get your gunship into battle as quickly as possible.

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