Star Wars: Witches of Dathomir (Mother Tazlin Squad Pack)

Star Wars: Witches of Dathomir (Mother Tazlin Squad Pack)
 Star Wars: Witches of Dathomir (Mother Tazlin Squad Pack)Star Wars: Witches of Dathomir (Mother Tazlin Squad Pack) 
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All miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly. Paints, glue and terrain not included unless specified.

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A group of enigmatic Dathomirians enter Star Wars: Shatterpoint in this pack! Mother Talzin leads one of the largest Nightsister clans on Dathomir, offering her Force-sensitive witches and assassins to those seeking hired killers.

This pack gives players a full squad of Mother Talzin, two Nightsisters, and Talzin's eldest son Savage Opress to test their skills against Jedi, Sith, or whatever other enemies may cross their path.

No matter if these characters are fighting together as a squad or joining other characters, this pack also contains all the Stat, Order, and Stance cards players need field them in their games of Star Wars: Shatterpoint!

Mother Talzin is a powerful witch and the leader of the Nightsisters, a coven of Force-sensitive witches living on the planet Dathomir. Talzin and the Nightsisters are notable for their unique relationship with the Force, which they refer to as "Magicks".

Talzin was known for her wisdom, leadership, and a deep understanding of the Dark Side of the Force. Her abilities went beyond those of most Force-users, with her magicks able to achieve effects such as resurrection, transformation, and clairvoyance. However, her ambitions and lust for power often brought her into conflict with other powerful entities in the galaxy, such as the Sith, the Jedi, and the Galactic Republic.

Mother Talzin is the mother of Darth Maul and his brothers, Savage Opress and Feral. After Maul was taken by Darth Sidious, she planned revenge against the Sith Lord and plotted to gain more power in the galaxy.

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