Star Wars Legion: Royal Guard Unit

Star Wars Legion: Royal Guard Unit
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Model:  FFGSWL23
Faction:  Galactic Empire

All miniatures are supplied unpainted.

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As the ruler of the Galactic Empire, Emperor Palpatine is the ultimate power in the galaxy. Wherever he goes, the Imperial Royal Guard is sure to follow. Inscrutable behind their blood-red masks, the Imperial Royal Guard will face down anyone that dares threaten the Emperor. While little is known about these enigmatic warriors, one thing is certain: their sole directive is to protect the leader of the Galactic Empire, with their lives if necessary.

The Imperial Royal Guards Unit Expansion contains everything you need to add a unit of Emperor Palpatine’s personal bodyguards to your army. The squad of four unpainted, easily assembled miniatures stands ready to protect the Emperor or do his bidding on any planet across the galaxy. The Royal Guard is also accompanied by five distinct upgrade cards that invite you to outfit them with even more tools for protecting the Emperor.

The Imperial Royal Guards give every Galactic Empire commander a new option for the special forces that will play a pivotal role in their armies. Every Star Wars: Legion army can include up to three special forces units and the Imperial Royal Guards will soon join the Scout Troopers in offering their unique skills in service of the Empire. But where the Scout Troopers range far and wide across the battlefield to quickly secure vital objectives and sabotage enemy operations, the Royal Guards serve a different role altogether. These warriors are ideally suited for hanging back and dominating small sections of the battlefield. In other words, The Royal Guards are at their best when they’re protecting key points, whether they be Emperor Palpatine, another Imperial commander, or a mission critical objective.

No matter what enemies they face, the Royal Guard is most effective up close, their deft reflexes and exceptional combat awareness making them exceptionally deadly at close range. Every member of the Royal Guard carries an EC-17 Hold-out Blaster that contributes two black dice to the attack pool per miniature, but is limited by a shorter range than other blasters. However powerful these blasters may be, they’re still no match for the Royal Guards’ skill with a Force Pike.

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Royal Guard
22 January 2020  | 

Very tidy models just a bit of hot water to straighten the rods. Excellent fun at stopping Jedi too!

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Guardians of the Galaxy
14 November 2019  | 

good guys wear red, or so i have been told again single pose models with all the cards and tokens to get you started unfortunately they had bent force pikes but i heated in warm water and unbent them so now they are laser straight just what the emperor ordered

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