Star Wars Legion: Rebel Specialists Personnel

Star Wars Legion: Rebel Specialists Personnel
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Model:  FFGSWL26
Faction:  Rebel Alliance

All miniatures are supplied unpainted.

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Armies are more than just soldiers. To wage an effective war across the countless battlefields of the Galactic Civil War, the Rebel Alliance needs recruits who can do more than fight.

This expansion for Star Wars: Legion contains four finely sculpted Rebel specialist miniatures, along with new unit, upgrade and command cards. This expansion allows a player to field a generic Rebel commander unit and to add a comms specialist, medical droid, and astromech droid to other units in their army.

Miniatures supplied unpainted.

Both the Rebellion and the Empire are fortunate enough to have their share of powerful leaders. No matter if their troops are led into battle by the inspiring presence of Leia Organa or terrified into performing their best by the intimidating Darth Vader, each faction’s commanders bring their own style to the battles of Star Wars: Legion, shaping the flow of battle with unique abilities and signature command cards. But the Galactic Civil War rages across many worlds, and these commanders cannot be present at every battle. In those cases, both Rebellion and Empire rely on their veteran officers to implement their battle plan and seize victory.

Appropriately, then, the personnel expansion gives you an alternative to these more well-known heroes in the form of non-unique Rebels. Not as widely celebrated as other commanders, these officers contribute to the cause nonetheless, making your armies more flexible with their ability to be deployed in two different ways. On one hand, these minis can be added to a specific unit as its leader, inspiring the troops in that unit to new heights.

On the other hand, these officers can take on a larger role, becoming a cheap alternative to your other commanders. In this case, they can benefit your entire army by filling the role of commander, spotting targets for your other units or helping them take cover. Regardless of how you use them on the battlefield, the officers in both personnel expansions are accompanied by three new command cards that can be used by any commander in their faction. A good commander needs to coordinate with all their troops and, appropriately enough, these cards let you issue orders to any type of unit, ensuring that the right unit is ready to go exactly when you need them and letting you tailor your strategies to specific units in your army.

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Rebel specialists
Wednesday, 6 March 2019  | 

Very nice well made models, easy to build.

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