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Star Wars Legion: Rebel Paint Set

Star Wars Legion: Rebel Paint Set




Model:  FFGSWS54

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Bring your Star Wars: Legion army to life with the Rebel Paint Set!

With 10 essential colours to depict the troopers and vehicles of the Rebel Alliance—including a wash for adding rich depths of shading to your miniatures—this paint set is the perfect entry point for the beginning miniature painter.

The Core Paint Set (available separately) contains 18 paints.  For those looking for even more colour options, this Rebel Paint Set adds ten colours essential to bringing your Rebel Alliance units to life in your collection, including Fleet Trooper Blue and Rebel Camouflage. With these paints, you're free to add your own personal touches to your miniatures, creating a look for your army that's uniquely your own. Included with these is a Strong Tone Wash perfect for adding depths of shading to your miniatures.

Between the wide variety of paints and tools they provide, these paint sets put the power to create a unique army bursting with colour in your hands!


  • Strong Tone Wash
  • Rebel Flight Suit
  • Rebel Camouflage
  • Rodia Clouds
  • Duros Skin
  • Sandcrawler Rust
  • Fleet Trooper
  • Fleet Trooper Blue
  • Green Squadron
  • Dune Sea

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