Star Wars Legion: Leia Organa Commander

Star Wars Legion: Leia Organa Commander
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Model:  FFGSWL12
Faction:  Rebel Alliance

All miniatures are supplied unpainted.

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The odds are constantly stacked against the forces of the Rebel Alliance. Relentlessly hunted by the Galactic Empire, the Rebels find themselves under-equipped and outgunned in almost every battle. Instead of superior firepower, the Rebellion must rely on a steadfast belief in their cause to keep fighting. When the situation seems dire, Rebel troops look to their leaders like Leia Organa for the inspiration they need to push back against the might of the Empire.  

Leia Organa did everything she could to keep the hope of the Rebellion alive throughout the Galactic Civil War, from attempting to reach Tatooine in search of Obi-Wan Kenobi to joining the strike team that brought down the shield protecting the second Death Star. Working closely with both Rebel commanders and troops, she became one of the most enduring leaders of the Rebel Alliance. 

Alongside the single unpainted, easily assembled miniature representing Leia Organa, this expansion contains everything you need to add her to your army as a commander. Three command cards bring Leia Organa’s personal touch to every battle while giving you more options for selecting your battle plan. Finally, several upgrade cards allow you to further customise your army, promising new possibilities for your Rebel forces.

As the second Rebel Alliance commander released for Star Wars: Legion, Leia Organa gives you more flexibility when building your Rebel army. She can be used as an alternative to Luke Skywalker, or, if you want to take advantage of both Luke’s blossoming Force abilities and Leia’s inspiring presence in battle, you could have them work side-by-side.

No matter what you choose, Leia Organa brings her own style to the unsung infantry battles of the Star Wars galaxy. She might not be as formidable a warrior as Luke, but she is more than capable in a fight. Equally skilled in martial arts as she is with a blaster, Leia Organa notably rolls the same pool of three black attack dice for both melee and ranged attacks. Her ranged attacks are slightly more potent, however, thanks to Leia’s Sharpshooter 2 ability reducing her target's cover and her Defender Sporting Blaster piercing through enemy armour to cancel one of the defender’s dodge results.

Despite her combat prowess, Leia Organa is known more as a leader, working closely with troops in the field to complete objectives. At only 90 points, she is far cheaper than Luke Skywalker, giving you more space in your army for other units. The 70 points you’ll save could be used to add a unit of Rebel Troopers complete with a Z-6 Trooper to your army, for example, giving you even more ranged firepower.

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Great Gift
14 January 2022  | 

My dad is obsessed with Princess Leia and I had played with the idea of getting him this for a while. He was over the moon with it and we are currently waiting on some glue and paint so he can put her togther.
My only real critism about the product is the amount of packaging. A good 80% of the box is just empty space and isn't really necessary at all.

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Star wars legion Leia organa
09 June 2021  | 

Five stars for gameplay but three stars for the model. Easy to put together and good detail but for me the pose does not look right, not when compared with most other character models in this game. Still got her for my rebels though.

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The Prices of Star Wars
07 December 2020  | 

Figures really good but only when you paint her dose her real character come out.
Another great priced item from Dark Star games whoop whoop

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