Star Wars Legion: AT-ST Unit

Star Wars Legion: AT-ST Unit
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Model:  FFGSWL08
Faction:  Galactic Empire

All models are supplied unpainted. Paints not included.

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Across the Star Wars saga, Imperial walkers have formed a key part of the Empire’s ground-based operations. The Imperial assault on Hoth was spearheaded by massive AT-ATs, with lighter, more mobile AT-STs providing flank support. Though All-Terrain Scout Transports (or AT-STs) may lack the sheer firepower and impenetrable armor of an AT-AT, their mobility and ease of deployment makes them a favored option for any Imperial general. Soon, you’ll be able to bring your own AT-STs to your games of Star Wars™: Legion!

Nothing can intimidate the Rebels like the pure size and scope of massive AT-ST walkers. A standard Star Wars: Legion army limits your forces to two heavy units, and hulking vehicles like the AT-ST will become the centerpiece of your forces. 

The AT-ST Unit Expansion features a massive AT-ST miniature as well as all of the upgrade and unit cards needed to add the behometh to your army.

All AT-STs come inherently equipped with an MS-4 Twin Blaster Cannon: a powerful cannon that can be used against armored vehicles with good effect. But that's not the end of the weapons you can load into your AT-ST.  In addition to the MS-4 Twin Blaster Cannon, there are three unique weapons that you can affix to your AT-ST. You may supplement your standard blaster cannon with the 88 Twin Light Blaster Cannon. Other weapons, however, offer more specialized effects. The DW-3 Concussion Grenade Launcher has the Blast keyword, allowing these attacks to ignore cover, perhaps targeting a squad of Rebel Troopers that’s hunkering behind a barricade. Alternatively, you may begin your assault with a long-range shelling, using the AT-ST Mortar Launcher. Though this mortar launcher can only be used at long range and has limited capabilities to inflict casualties, it inflicts more suppression tokens, keeping your foes pinned down and potentially panicking them. What’s more, each of these three weapons comes with plastic inside the AT-ST Unit Expansion, allowing you to customize your AT-ST miniature to match the weapons it’s equipped with!

(Model supplied unpainted, figures not included. Painted examples shown)

Coming in at a base cost of 195 points, a single AT-ST takes up almost a quarter of your full allotment of 800 points in a standard game. But what it gives you in return is immeasurable power and durability. Between the highest health in the game and its heavily armored shell, even the most persistent Rebels will be hard-pressed to deal lasting damage to the behemoth without heavy artillery.

Still, the AT-ST has the power to make it well worth the price. It boasts the highest health yet featured in the game, and with the Armor keyword, only your opponent’s critical hits will penetrate the AT-ST’s thick defenses. While certain units may be equipped with anti-vehicle weapons that boast the Impact keyword (which converts standard hits into critical hits when attacking a unit with Armor), it’s safe to say that most infantry weapons will bounce harmlessly off of the AT-ST’s heavy armor plating.

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Great miniature
05 November 2019  | 

great price

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