Star Wars Armada: Phoenix Home

Star Wars Armada: Phoenix Home
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Faction:  Rebel Alliance
Wave:  Wave 5

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Under the command of Jun Sato, the Phoenix Home was the nerve centre of the fledgling Rebel fleet, and it makes its way to Star Wars™: Armada in the Phoenix Home Expansion Pack. What this small-base ship lacks in size and firepower, it makes up with its ability to command your fleet. Along with one pre-painted miniature starship, you will find two ship cards, ten upgrade cards, and all the dials, bases, pegs, and tokens you need to control the battle, more effectively coordinating your capital ships and fighter squadrons alike.

The Rebel Alliance has never commanded a fleet that could match the Imperial Navy ship-for-ship. Instead, the Rebels have always chosen their engagements carefully, using guerrilla tactics, launching surgical strikes, and making certain to fly their ships clear of the battlefield before Imperial reinforcements could arrive and choke off their escape.

As you might expect, these Rebel tactics required careful planning and precise execution. And as the Rebel fleet was growing in strength, it owed much of its success to the efforts of Commander Jun Sato and his modified Pelta-class ship, Phoenix Home, both of which arrive to Star Wars™: Armada in the Phoenix Home Expansion Pack.

Commander Sato and the Phoenix Home led the struggle against the evil Empire from the heart of the Rebel fleet, helping the Rebellion's ships and fighter squadrons punch above their weight by supplementing their firepower with pinpoint coordination. In Armada, the Phoenix Home is represented by a unique Title upgrade that you can apply to either the Modified Pelta-class Assault Ship or the Modified Pelta-class Command Ship. For three fleet points, it allows the Phoenix Home to carry one more officer than your standard Pelta-class ship and grants it the ability to store up to four command tokens, rather than a number equal to the ship's command value.

Ensure that your strikes are executed with exacting precision. With its new officers and Fleet Command upgrades, the modified Pelta-class ship from the Phoenix Home Expansion Pack is bound to become an integral part of your Rebel fleet.

This is not a complete game experience. A copy of the Star Wars: Armada Core Set is required to play.

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