Star Wars Armada: Liberty

Star Wars Armada: Liberty
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Model:  FFGSWM17
Faction:  Rebel Alliance
Wave:  Wave 4

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The MC80 Liberty type Star Cruiser is the spearhead of the Rebel Alliance’s fleet, and it boasts some of the heaviest firepower in the Rebel arsenal. Due to this impressive firepower, the ship's powerful forward shielding, and its ability to dock multiple fighter squadrons, the Liberty is often among the first ships considered to lead Rebel strike forces into combat-likely raids within Imperial territory.

The Liberty Expansion Pack introduces the Liberty miniature as a large-base Rebel ship, as well as two ship cards, and fourteen upgrades, including a new commander and three unique Titles.

Like the Home One, the Liberty enters Armada as a large-base ship with eight hull. However, beyond their similarities in size and hull and the fact that both ships were of Mon Calamari design, the Home One and Liberty are about as different from each other as can be. Whereas the Home One is a broadside ship with six dice in its left and right battery armaments, plus four shields each on its left, right, and forward hull zones, the Liberty is built to charge directly into battle. It features seven dice in its forward battery armament, plus five forward shields. Moreover, its upgrades are more offensive in nature than those on the Home One.

Accordingly, the Liberty presents the opportunity to experiment with all-new Rebel tactics, such as those you might employ when you use the Liberty to lead a fleet of Nebulon-B frigates directly at your opponent. Naturally, many of the expansion's fourteen upgrades also support this new Rebel play style. For example, General Madine ensures your fleet retains the maneuverability it needs to keep its guns aimed at the enemy, and a team of Veteran Gunners provides additional insurance that your powerful attacks will strike for maximum value.

This is not a complete game experience. A copy of the Star Wars: Armada Core Set is required to play.

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Cheer for Liberty
09 November 2020  | 

Another fantastic model for Armada. Well made detailed and painted.

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Amazing model!
11 August 2020  | 

My first additional Rebel ship to take on the Victory class Destroyer that comes with the core set. Beautiful model that just mopped up the Victory class!

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Everything on and in the box
30 September 2019  | 

This model is amazing, the detail is unreal, and this thing can dish some hurt in the game!

No issues, all the tokens and upgrade cards that arrived were in stellar condition. Thanks very much!!

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