Star Wars Armada: Imperial Light Cruiser

Star Wars Armada: Imperial Light Cruiser
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Model:  FFGSWM22
Faction:  Imperial
Wave:  Wave 5

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As seen in the Star Wars Rebels television show, the Imperial light cruiser is a communications and blockade ship used to help the Empire spread its domain throughout the galaxy. In Star Wars™: Armada, the Imperial Light Cruiser Expansion Pack presents this ship as a fast, small-base Imperial vessel that excels at providing long-range fire support from its broadsides. With its ship, its two ship cards, eight upgrades, and all requisite accessories, the Imperial Light Cruiser Expansion Pack will have you racing around the Rebels' flanks and into a new era for Imperial tactics!

The Galactic Empire governs countless star systems, worlds, and citizens, so its ranking officials cannot be bothered to tend to the minutiae of its every interest. Instead, they rely upon a bureaucracy built of necessity, one in which responsibilities are delegated from the likes of Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, and Grand Moff Tarkin down to lower Moffs, regional Governors, and local Ministers.

Accordingly, when a ranking official like Grand Moff Tarkin finds himself forced to deal with the failures of his subordinates, the response is almost always swift, authoritative, and decisive. Responsibilities may be reallocated. Resources will be assigned as needed. Heads may roll. And if the matter is military, troops and vessels will be deployed as necessary. To deal with Rebel insurgence in the Outer Rim, the Empire's military deployment would frequently include one or more Arquitens-class cruisers. Featured in the Imperial Light Cruiser Expansion Pack for Star Wars™: Armada, these versatile ships are smaller than the Star Destroyers the Empire reserves for its most urgent concerns, but they present a considerable threat, nonetheless, due to their speed, responsiveness, and the firepower they command with their quad lasers and turbolasers.

Much as the Empire cannot afford to abandon its interests in the Outer Rim—even if there are more pressing engagements nearer the Core Worlds—you cannot afford to abandon your pursuit of objective points in Armada.

The destruction of your opponent's ships is always beneficial, but there may be times you either cannot destroy a ship or cannot afford to exchange fire with one. Typically, this is more of a problem for the Rebel Alliance, whose starships can't match the raw firepower wielded by the Empire's Imperial-class Star Destroyers. But Imperial forces in the Outer Rim don't always benefit from the presence of the larger Star Destroyers. There may be times they may be outmatched in a head-on confrontation, and at such times they may find themselves adopting the sort of tactics the Rebels typically employ.

In such situations, the Light Cruiser is a boon for any Imperial admiral. Its speed and broadside firepower make it ideal for flanking runs and long-range exchanges. In fact, if the Rebels feel they can finally rush into confrontations head-on after gaining the forward-facing firepower of the MC80 Battle Cruiser from the Wave IV Liberty Expansion Pack, you might just dash their hopes by sending a fleet of Light Cruisers around their flanks to prey upon the MC80's less heavily shielded left and right hull zones.

The Imperial Light Cruiser has been vital to the Empire's interests in the Outer Rim, and it may soon prove vital to Imperial efforts at the periphery of your Armada battles.

This is not a complete game experience. A copy of the Star Wars: Armada Core Set is required to play.

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25 December 2020  | 

Just what I expected great quality

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Good product
23 December 2020  | 

As with all of ffg's armada ships, they are good quality

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Star Wars Armada: Arquitans
05 March 2020  | 

The product is as expected and needed to help my domination of the battlefield. What has impressed me was the speed. I was notified that the company had this product in stock. I placed the order at approx. 12:15 on Thursday, I received the product 14:30 on Friday.

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