Star Wars Armada: Hammerhead Corvette

Star Wars Armada: Hammerhead Corvette
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Model:  FFGSWM27
Faction:  Rebel Alliance
Wave:  Wave 6

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Brace for impact with the Hammerhead Corvettes Expansion Pack for Star Wars™: Armada! Named for its distinctive silhouette, the Hammerhead corvette is officially classed as a transport, but features combat-worthy engines, hull, and armament. Often fielded in groups by the Rebellion, Hammerheads lend themselves to formation tactics with their agility and responsiveness. You’ll be able to explore some of these formation tactics with the expansion’s two pre-painted Hammerhead miniatures, and you’ll find them supported by two ship cards, as well as a full complement of fourteen upgrade cards heavily focused on close-range combat!

There were plenty of high-impact scenes in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. We saw starfighters colliding with a planetary shield. We saw AT-ATs firing at Rebel soldiers, causing the ground to erupt with every blast. We saw an armoured tank explode. And we saw the first test of the Death Star's superlaser, in which a single reactor ignition utterly obliterated Jedha's Holy City.

Among these various collisions and explosions, we also witnessed a scene that almost appeared like it had been scripted for fans of Star Wars™: Armada. Locked into close-range combat with dozens of enemy TIE fighter squadrons and a pair of Star Destroyers, the Rebel fleet still couldn't punch through the planetary shield it needs to disable until Admiral Raddus had an idea.

Calling up a Hammerhead corvette, the Lightmaker, Raddus ordered it to ram into the side of a Star Destroyer that had been disabled by a barrage of ion torpedoes. The disabled Star Destroyer subsequently collided into the other Star Destroyer, which suffered damage and crashed into the Shield Gate that protected the planetary shield. The shield was disabled, and the Rebels collected the secret plans that eventually led to the destruction of the Death Star… and Armada fans everywhere thought to themselves, "All that from one facedown damage card?"

Well, with the Hammerhead Corvettes Expansion Pack coming in Wave VI, those incredulous players will soon have the chance to fly their own Hammerhead corvettes and ram them into enemy Star Destroyers, and when they do, they might very well land the sort of faceup critical hit that could lead to such a crippling chain of events!

Once you get your hands on the Hammerhead Corvettes Expansion Pack, you can be sure that Admiral Raddus won't be the only one having great ideas about how to put these venerable ships to use. The ships may be small, but the ideas are big. How will you outfit and fly your Hammerhead corvettes? Share your ideas with the other members of our community forums.

This is not a complete game experience. A copy of the Star Wars: Armada Core Set is required to play.

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Good expansion
06 February 2020  | 

Good price, but the expansion itself is lacking in all the cards needed like ordance experts (available in other expansions). Best run as 1 from this pack (which has everything you need) or in a pack of 3 (split an extra pack with a fellow rebel!)

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Awesome little ships!
26 October 2019  | 

These are great to soak up those last points and chew up an extra activation!

My only issue was the plastic stand that goes into the mini seems really tight, I thought it was gonna break at one point, it didn't though.

Thanks darkstar games!

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I have an Idea!
04 October 2019  | 

Boom. This expansion is a blast, giving you two Hammerhead corvettes in a single pack. Designed to be flown in swarms, 2 - 4 Hammerhads have the firepower to ruin the Emperors day.

Equipping the Torpedo variant with External Racks, the concentrate fire command and the Organa title card will give you the same punch as a VSD for half the price.

Alternatively, keep the Scout variant at a distance and armed with a cheap Turbolaser upgrade (like the included Quads), the Antilles title and a concentrate fire command to hit with 4 dice at long range.

A tough little ship best flown in a swarm of Hammerheads!

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