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Imperial Assault: Greedo Villain Pack

Imperial Assault: Greedo Villain Pack
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Model:  FFGSWI31

This is not a standalone product. A copy of the Imperial Assault Core Set is required to play. Miniatures are supplied unpainted.

    Customer Reviews

As a bounty hunter on the Outer Rim, Greedo has long needed to survive by his skills and his wits. Though he has a reputation for being slow on the draw, his price is cheap and perhaps best of all, he’s expendable. If you want a bounty hunter who can lead a group of hired guns in a desperate attack, you should certainly consider the Greedo Villain Pack.

Costing only four points to include in your army, Greedo might be just the bounty hunter you need to fill out your strike team. Two new skirmish missions included in this pack bring your strike teams into a fortified hangar bay, and a new three-card Agenda set invites you to hunt down Rebel operatives on Ord Mantell. With the addition of new Deployment cards, Item cards, Agenda cards, and Command cards, the Greedo Villain Pack is essential for every mercenary.

For the bounty hunters of the Star Wars galaxy, life is hard and brutal. Their lives are constantly in danger, hunting down dangerous criminals or outlaws and delivering them, dead or alive, in exchange for the reward. Only the most deadly and ruthless bounty hunters can survive this life—everyone else just ends up dead. Still, every mercenary commander knows that there’s a special place for disposable bodies in your team, and you receive just that with the Greedo Villain Pack for Imperial Assault.

Within this expansion, you’ll find everything you need to bring Greedo into your games of Imperial Assault. A beautifully sculpted plastic figure captures Greedo drawing his blaster, while plenty of new Deployment cards, Agenda cards, and Command cards give you new tools to take advantage of, whether you’re playing a campaign or a skirmish. 

This is not a standalone product. A copy of the Imperial Assault Core Set is required to play.

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