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Force & Destiny: Unlimited Power: A Sourcebook for Mystics

Force & Destiny: Unlimited Power: A Sourcebook for Mystics
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The dissolution of the Jedi Order has reopened alternative paths of communing with the Force; no longer bound by strict rules and regulations, the Mystic interacts with the Force in ways that might seem foreign to the Jedi of old. Some have merged their politics with the Force while others imbue artifacts with the power of the Living Force through alchemy. Unlimited Power is a new sourcebook for Mystic characters in the Star Wars™: Force and Destiny role-playing game, expanding their options from the core rulebook by introducing three new specialisations, new species, new equipment, and more.

Players will find everything they need to make a Mystic character in this full-colour 96-page handbook, including the Alchemist, Magus, and Prophet specialisations as well as new Force powers. Game Masters looking to tie their campaign to the Force will find adventure hooks and tips for integrating Mystic characters into their campaign. The path of a Mystic is one of attunement with the Force; unlock your Mystic's full potential and discover Unlimited Power in this new sourcebook.

The moment Luke heard his uncle call Ben Kenobi a "wizard," the Star Wars galaxy became one of magic and mysticism, and the Mystic is a fundamental part of both Star Wars and the Force and Destiny role-playing game. Unlimited Power, the new sourcebook for Mystic characters, greatly expands options for Mystic characters in your campaign. New Force powers will offer untold advantages and tie your characters even more deeply to the mysterious energy that binds the galaxy together and the ancient practice of alchemy enters your games of exploring the deeper mysteries of the Force.

A Mystic's goal is to be an ally and partner to the Force, never its master. By allowing the Force to flow through them, the they are able to unlock unlimited potential and discover their destiny in the galaxy. Between the Jedi and the Sith, you already know there is no definitive Mystic realisation, and Unlimited Power introduces three new specialisations to join the Makashi Duelist, Advisor, and Seer options already available. 

More than just a sourcebook for Mystic players, Unlimited Power includes three new species tuned in to the Force, new equipment, adventure ideas to allow your Game Master to weave mysticism into your campaign, and plenty of new lore to expand your galaxy.

To know the galaxy will never be completely known may be the most important lesson of the Mystic, allowing him or her to focus on what they can do now to better understand the Force. No two Mystics will follow the same path, but many find themselves in similar places. In addition to the Advisor, Seer, and Makashi Duelist, players can now specialise as an Alchemist, Magus, or Prophet.

While the Jedi Order never embraced alchemy as enthusiastically as the Frangawl Cult on Bardotta or the Nightsisters of Dathomir, it is not known whether they associated the dark side with the alchemical process of binding the Force to physical objects. All the better for the Alchemist, who decide for themselves whether to use their creations for the light or the dark. 

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Friday, 1 March 2019  | 

Lots of good stuff on the mysteries of the Force and the Dark side including some new ways to use it

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