Frequently Asked Questions

ok, so we only have one frequently asked question, but we get it a lot!   laugh

Q)  When is [product] due back in stock?

A)  First a bit of background.  Fantasy Flight products are distributed in the UK by a single authorised distributor, who then supply all of the online and bricks & mortar games stores.  So if the distributor is out of stock of something then none of the resellers can get any more stock. So where the resellers stock runs out they're stuck.  This is why everyone always seems to be out of stock of the same item at the same time.

We try to keep the full range of products on our website in stock at all times (ie. nothing is ordered on an "as required" basis - if it's listed on our website we want stock of it).  So when something says “out of stock” it means we’ve sold out and can’t get any more at the moment because the UK distributor is also out of stock.  And the items is going to stay out of stock until the distributor gets more into the UK.

With Fantasy Flight Games the distributor gives no ETA’s on restocks – they can be out for weeks or even months at a time and then just suddenly turn up without warning.   You'd think in todays high tech world people would have some clue as to when stuff might turn up, but apparently not.  This is probably due to stock arriving in containers on a slow boat from China, and such shipments don't have specific time lines.  Plus there's the delays to get into port, delays with unloading, delays with customs etc etc.  So most likely they been burned so many times on dates that they just don't bother any more.  But that's just us speculating... either way, no we don't know when it's going to be back in stock.  Unless, it's just arrived in stock at the distributor in which case we'll have about a days advanced warning... 

All we can really suggest is to click the “Notify me when this item is available” button on the product page you’ll get an email notification the moment the stock comes in. ***

*** At the moment we have a situation where items that have been out of stock for a while have come into stock at the distributor, but only in small quantities and nowhere near enough to cover all the backorders with resellers.  So resellers end up with "allocations". ie. they just get a % of what they have on backorder.  So several times recently the amount of notifications that have gone out has exceeded the small amount of stock we've been allocated.  So if you get a notification an item is back in stock, but when you get to the site it says, "out of stock" then it's not a mistake.  It just means some stock came in and we've sold it already!  In this case you would need to add the notification again, for it to trigger on the next batch of stock.

Obviously, none of this is ideal, and not really a great way for us to run our business, but unfortunately getting stuff into stock is a constant battle and there's not much we can do to mitigate the problems in the supply chain.  


(That question/answer is for launched products that are out of stock only, pre-releases is a different question entirely)


Current stock situation:

Jan/Feb: Xmas wiped out a lot of our own stock and a lot of stock at the distributor, and it looks like it's going to take several months for them go get to anything like a normal level of stock.  So expect a lot of stuff to be out of stock as we keep selling stuff and not being able to buy more...

March: There was a surge of incoming stock in late feb which replenished our stocks of many (but by no means all) products.  And then the Corona Virus happened.  Now stock is still arriving at the distributor, but they are running on a skeleton staff at the warehouse, so stuff is getting booked in very very slowly so they're running out of many products all over again.  So now we're selling stuff faster than we can get more in - which sucks, but until things start getting back to normal the stock situation is going to be dire...

May:  The stock situation at the moment is ridiculous.  There is virtually no stock at the distributor, and restocks seem to be getting fewer and further between.  We're running out of pretty much everything and are unable to buy more as there is no stock in the UK to buy.  Given the long shipping times, and that everything comes from China, it's likely that the shutdown in China several months ago has now caught up with us and this is the result of their gap in production.