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Edge of the Empire: Fly Casual - A Sourcebook for Smugglers

Edge of the Empire: Fly Casual - A Sourcebook for Smugglers
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Fly Casual is a 96-page sourcebook for Smugglers in the Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™ Roleplaying Game. It adds new content for Smuggler characters as well as any other characters interested in pursuing fame, fortune, and glory without bowing to harsh laws or society’s demands. Risk and opportunity are two sides of the same coin, and in a galaxy riven by war, opportunities abound for those willing to take the risks. However, flying from one planet to another, sneaking past Imperial patrols, and dealing with the scum of the galaxy is not just a job; it is a way of life. For those men and women drawn to this lifestyle, its opportunities, its freedoms, and its thrills, Fly Casual offers a terrific haul of new character options, equipment, ships, modifications, and potential jobs.

A "Smuggler's handbook" for the Edge of the Empire RPG:

  • Expanded character options including Motivations, Obligations, species, and specialisations.
  • New signature abilities that allow Smugglers to beat the odds and slip past any obstacle.
  • Ships, vehicles, and equipment for staying a step ahead of the law.
  • Guidance for GMs looking to bring Smuggler themes, encounters, and stories into larger campaigns.

The Fly Casual sourcebook for Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™  features new guidelines to help GMs add more risks (and a few rewards) to Smuggling adventures. These include expanded rules on hyperspace travel and details for how to run quick-draw showdowns.

Thanks to the miracle of the hyperdrive, space ships can soar between the stars with astounding speed, completing journeys that once could have taken millennia in a matter of days. However, thanks to shifting hyperlanes, complexities introduced by mass shadows, and countless other factors, jumps across the interstellar void are far from safe. The calculations involved are enormously complex. Even the slightest error can mean the death of everyone aboard. 

Fortunately for PCs and GMs, Fly Casual provides guidance on how to make Hyperspace Travel exciting without bogging down the game. New modifiers for the Astrogation check factor in the circumstances of departure and the route. Expanded options are given for spending advantage, triumph, despair and threat results on these checks, and a list of travel times is provided for many of the galaxy’s most common trading lanes and smuggling routes. Astrogation checks with sufficient advantage or threat can get the travelers to their destination early or help chart new hyperlanes, while threat and despair on the check can cast the ship adrift in uncharted space or even cause a collision with a mass shadow. Any jump is slightly dangerous, but a good Pilot backed by a skilled crew can take advantage of secret routes and shortcuts to arrive ahead of schedule or where the Imperials least expect it.

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