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Age of Rebellion: Strongholds of Resistance - A Sourcebook of Alliance Worlds

Age of Rebellion: Strongholds of Resistance - A Sourcebook of Alliance Worlds
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Your missions for the Rebellion take you to brave Alliance worlds and fortified secret bases in Strongholds of Resistance, a sourcebook for Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion. While countless planets quietly sympathise with the Rebellion, a few worlds are openly defying the Empire. Yet the Rebellion is more than these Alliance worlds – its true command centres are scattered across the galaxy, hidden on far-flung asteroids and inhospitable planets. With this 144-page sourcebook, you can engage in the diplomatic intrigues and internal conflicts of Alliance planets from Mon Cala to Chandrila, or participate in the covert operations and inner workings of hidden Rebel bases, including the iconic Echo Base on Hoth.

Strongholds of Resistance provides thorough descriptions of several Rebel bases, Alliance Worlds, and the NPCs that your group of Rebels may encounter in these locations. It offers players three new species to craft characters from and a panoply of vehicles and gear to help characters carry out dangerous Rebel assignments. For Game Masters, it includes new modular encounters which can serve as single-session adventures or be easily integrated into your Age of Rebellion campaign.

Explore new worlds and discover the locations of secret Rebel bases with Strongholds of Resistance, now available at local U.S. retailers and in our online store.

In this sourcebook for the Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™ roleplaying game, you’ll find rich, detailed information about worlds actively resisting the Galactic Empire and some of the most important hidden Rebel bases. You’ll also find fresh character options, plenty of new weapons, droids, and ships, as well as a quartet of modular encounters that can be used as one-shot games or as the launching points for more involved adventures. What’s more, all the options you find in Strongholds of Resistance are ready to be integrated into your ongoing Force and Destiny™ or Edge of the Empire™ campaigns, if your Smugglers and Colonists happen upon an Outer Rim base or if your group of Force-sensitives finds themselves in the middle of a diplomatic debate on Chandrila.

Brave New Worlds

Several worlds have bravely chosen to throw off the Imperial yoke, whether they publicly proclaim their opposition to the Empire or resist in more quiet and subversive ways. Our first preview took you to three of these Alliance worlds: oceanic Mon Cala, pastoral Kinyen, and industrial, corporation-ruled Sullust. You might also travel down the Rimma Trade Route to neutral, jungle-covered Thyferra, where ruthless bacta cartels market that precious medical supply to whoever is willing to pay their exorbitant prices. Or, from Sullust you might head towards the trade hub and manufacturing center of Ord Gimmell, a war-torn planet whose queen went mysteriously missing a year before the Death Star was destroyed at Yavin.

Outposts of Freedom

No single world, no single people is the heart of the Rebellion. It is formed from countless independent Rebel operations. Although these have now coalesced into one body, the Rebellion’s chief organs and operational centers remain spread throughout the galaxy in the form of secret installations. No matter what the nature of your insurrectionist activities may be, chances are that at some point in an Age of Rebellion campaign you will visit or be stationed at one of these Rebel bases. Strongholds of Resistance reveals the locations of four Rebel bases that have long been kept hidden. Our second preview discussed three of them: the base in the Polis Massa asteroid field, the iconic Echo Base on Hoth, and the Defiant Core base, which players can customize and develop over the course of their adventures. The fourth base, Tierfon Outpost, is a heavily fortified, compact starfighter base, housed in an enormous cliff and home to the Yellow Aces Y-Wing Squadron.

Breaking Boundaries

The Star Wars galaxy is home to a vast variety of sentient species. The Empire has proven friendly to some, but has oppressed and antagonized many others. Three new sentient species become playable in Strongholds of Resistance, none of whom can comfortably conform to Imperial rules and regulation. Innately pacifistic, the Polis Massans reject the Empire’s relentless militarism. The proud, pragmatic Quarren refused to work in harsh Imperial labor camps and, through a violent rebellion, drove the Empire away from Mon Cala. The insectlike Verpine are simply uninterested in external conflicts and war, preferring negotiation and compromise to overt violence.

All three species ignore certain boundaries that many humanoid species accept as fundamental. Being amphibious, the Quarren are equally comfortable on land and underwater. The Polis Massans, lacking vocal chords, broadcast their thoughts to anyone within short range. The Verpine can also communicate silently, through radio waves, but more important is their ability to see details at a microscopic level. That has allowed them to easily create technology that other sentients might never have imagined. Finally, their hermaphroditism enables them to exist apart from the gender-based divisions that shape the cultures of other sentient creatures and form relationships without the biases those divisions may create.

Rebel With a Cause

From the Core to the Outer Rim, worlds with vastly different ecosystems, species, and histories are finding grounds for joining the Rebellion against the Empire. With Strongholds of Resistance, you can explore those worlds more extensively than ever before.

Where will your missions for the Rebellion take you?

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