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Age of Rebellion: Friends Like These - Adventure

Age of Rebellion: Friends Like These - Adventure
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Time is running out for the planet Xorrn in Friends Like These, an adventure supplement for the Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™ roleplaying game. When intelligence reveals that an important and secret shipyard is under threat, the player characters have two days to arrange the planet’s defence and recruit allies in the region before Imperial forces arrive. Friends Like These takes players to a new sector where they encounter Mandalorian culture and face a brutal moral decision regarding who the Rebel Alliance should call friends.

Within the 96 full-colour pages of this supplement, players and game masters will find gazetteers for three new planets, countless NPCs, and directions for creating playable human characters of the Mandalorian culture. Although designed primarily for Age of Rebellion players, because of its Outer Rim focus and balance between warfare and diplomacy, Friends Like These is ideal for groups incorporating characters and material from Edge of the Empire™ and Force and Destiny™ as well.

At the heart of Friends Like These is a relentless countdown to the moment that Imperial forces arrive on Xorrn. Throughout the game, not only do the players and Game Master have to be mindful of the ticking in-game clock, but the PCs must as well. Getting distracted from your mission—or even failing an astrogation check—may spell disaster for Xorrn. At every step, from strategising and negotiating to making sure your ships are in shape and guns are loaded, you’ll have to make sure you don’t take too much time.

The plot of Friends Like These also makes it particularly suited to a group of PCs from a range of careers. Commanders will be adept at organising Xorrn’s defensive plans, while Aces and Soldiers will take centre stage once the battle begins. Diplomats and Spies will be indispensible for recruiting allies, and Engineers can help Xorrn prepare the machinery of battle while also ensuring that everything the team needs to do their work keeps working.

Although primarily designed for Age of Rebellion, you can also integrate Friends Like These into a Force and Destiny™ or Edge of the Empire™ campaign. The adventure’s Outer Rim setting and moral complexities will appeal to Smugglers and Explorers from Edge of the Empire who sympathise with the Rebel Alliance. The mission to save a planet from Imperial takeover is also a natural fit for Force-sensitive PCs who have chosen the Guardian and Warrior careers. And when the fate of a planet depends on you finding reliable allies, a Consular’s ability to sense someone’s true motives has the potential to save countless lives.

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